Square Theory, thinking inside the box

Welcome to Square Theory a blog dedicated to promote and perpetuate human kinds gift of creation, being able to manifest idea’s within known realms of reality. We have reached the age of efficient communication. Through multiple mediums we are able to  share and communicate our feelings and perspectives reflecting our individual experiences. Art, literature, music have been the leading tools for conscious evolution and continue to guide humanity into what may someday be a more advanced race. 


With that said, Square theory was born for the idea that “squares” after being used in a negative term for someone who isn’t cool, boring, fits in society’s little box, I have found that the square is in fact a unique tool, a shape not found in nature, thus being the actual rebel or outsider than when used in previous social context. I truly believe man kind was meant to flourish without  the distractions of identity and statuses, to use all the tools at hand that we have to explore beyond not only our own conscience but beyond the boundaries that humans have not yet began to even discover. Maybe its not being inside any shape we should be worried about, verse focusing more on the thinking” aspect first”, considering being a square might become a stepping stone to something more. 




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